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Conoce la campaña de comunicación que hicimos para las Trabajadoras del Hogar en las Américas y el Caribe

Domestic Workers

Merely ratifying an agreement is not enough for the recognition of the tasks developed by domestic workers. Every party involved, from the creation of the normative framework to law implementation and compliance verification, must actively participate.

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Conoce el fanzine Otras Futuras Posibles

Other possible futures

"We are the indigenous people who have resisted extermination since the colonial era began. Despite facing violent acts, we find a sense of life and persistently weave the memory of all our peoples”

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Conoce los comics y el reel que realizamos para dar a conocer el informe realizado por DeJusticia

Deforesting meat

This research conducted by DeJusticia in 2022, exposes how the measures implemented by the Colombian state have been insufficient or misguided in tackling deforestation in the Amazon—a problem largely caused by the practice of clearing forests for cattle farming.

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Conoce el material gráfico que realizamos para divulgar los resultados de la investigación realizada por la Universidad de Exeter en la Serranía de las Quinchas

Bioresilience in las Quinchas

An interdisciplinary group from the University of Exeter carried out different investigations in this territory, studying from each of its areas, the social and environmental variables that determined the resilience of the tropical rainforest.

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Conoce las relatorías que hicimos para ilustrar las conversaciones que sucedieron durante el Foro de la Tierra

Global Land Forum

Access to land is key to respect for human rights, equity, sustainable development and food security.

What is the current situation regarding land issues in Latin America and the Caribbean?

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Conoce el video que realizamos para la presentación de los ganadores de la Social Innomarathon del 2022

Social Innomarathon 2022

In its sixth edition, the innovative solutions developed by companies tackling problems related to education, digital literacy, work, climate change, and circular economy were recognized...

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Conoce los materiales que desarrollamos para la presentacióndel informe realizado por el Task Forces Interamericano sobre el liderazgo de las mujeres durante la Cumbre de las Américas el año pasado

Without parity, there is not democracy

This idea guided the presentation of the report “A call to Action to boost women’s leadership and parity democracy in the Americas”, promoted by Interamerican Task Force about Women leadership during the Summit of the Americas 2022.

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Conoce el libro álbum que realizamos recopilando las historias de cómo el deporte cambió la vida de niños, niñas, jóvenes y formadores deportivos en las zonas rurales de Colombia

Don't Go Out, It's Raining

In a small fictional village where the rain never stops, several stories interweave, based on the shared experiences of trainers, children, and youth from across the country who have found refuge and space for personal and social growth through sports...

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