Social Innomarathon 2022

> Animation

About the project

Social Innomarathon is a challenge that assesses the efforts of organizations in the Americas to address social and environmental issues.

In its sixth edition, the innovative solutions developed by companies tackling problems related to education, digital literacy, work, climate change, and circular economy were recognized.

By the end of 2022, we had the opportunity to create a video animation to showcase the outcomes of the event held in Sao Paulo.

In just two weeks, we scripted, produced, illustrated, provided voice-over, and composed music to this video—a challenge that made us realize that limited time resources can be an asset for creativity.

We embraced all the possibilities and limitations within the animation process, aligning them with the project's expectations and delivering it smoothly within the established timeframe.

Technical information

Client: Socialab

Year: 2021

Delivered product: 1 animated video, 80 seconds long.