Deforesting meat

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About the project

For the presentation of the 'Deforestation Meat' research conducted by DeJusticia in 2022, we created several outreach pieces for distribution on social media.

This research exposes how the measures implemented by the Colombian state have been insufficient or misguided in tackling deforestation in the Amazon—a problem largely caused by the practice of clearing forests for cattle farming.

In addition to creating invitations for the report presentation event, our work involved developing three visual narratives that outlined the problems and normative gaps throughout the cattle production chain. These narratives highlighted how the key actors—the state, large cattle owners, and consumers—have been responsible for exacerbating this issue.

At the end of the project, we produced a short animation for an Instagram reel to provide an overview of DeJusticia's proposals to fight deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

Technical information

Client: DeJusticia

Year: 2022

Delivered products: 3 comics, 1 reel, 3 informative illustrations for social media.