Don't Go Out, It's Raining

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About the project

"Don't Go Out, It's Raining" is a story we wrote, designed, and illustrated, in late 2021 to gather the voices of participants of the "Sports for Development" program, implemented by the German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ. The purpose was to recognize their work and learning processes regarding conflict resolution, and recovery of the social fabric, where sports have become a facilitator.

In a small fictional village where the rain never stops, several stories interweave, based on the shared experiences of trainers, children, and youth from across the country who have found refuge and space for personal and social growth through sports. It is a space for connection that allowed them to lead a different life than what the armed conflict offered.

The rain provided a common setting for the stories and the readers, enabling us to address the everydayness despite the omnipresence of violence in the territories. Practicing sports in such contexts becomes an act of resistance.

Spaces of play that emerge from chalk and balls made from rags and old socks; all driven by coaches who, despite everything, are still there. The game field becomes a place where communities come together.

Technical information

Client: GIZ

Year: 2021

Delivered products: 1 picture book, 1 compilation book of stories.