Bioresilience in las Quinchas

> Editorial design

About the project

The Quinchas Mountain Range is the last remnant of the forest from the vast Carare-Opón jungles.

An interdisciplinary group from the University of Exeter conducted various research projects in this territory over a span of 3 years, studying the social and environmental variables that determine the resilience of the tropical rainforest.

To connect the different studies, we created 9 infographics. These covered diverse topics related to the three components of the research group: social, ecology, and paleoecology. They aimed to explain the relationship between the territory and its inhabitants in a straightforward manner, understand past interactions, and outline the possible future of the region.

For this process, we carried out fieldwork to capture reference photographs for the infographics. We also interacted with the local community to gather insights that would shape the text and explored the ecotourism route that was being developed to comprehend the project's significance.

A tenth infographic was designed to support the community ecotourism project "Pico Azul".

Technical information

Client: Universidad de Exeter

Year: 2022

Delivered products: 10 infographics, stock images for the ecotourist route, 2 sound landscapes registries, 1 report for public policies.